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Reach us if you require any one of our travel consultants to attend to your questions, requests or information concerning Sri Lanka.

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Our Origins

“Every day we must choose between the weight of perfection and the freedom of Authenticity. Choosing the latter can move mountains + minds.” - B. Oakman

Authenticities was conceptualised with the aim of introducing innovative and authentic experiences. We focused on creating a brand that emphasises on crafting experiences that inspire emotion and being a guide to portray Sri Lanka in all its magnificence.

We aspire to go beyond typical tourist activities and integrate travel concepts to local lifestyles and cultural elements. This gives our clients the opportunity to engage and interact with our people, culture and heritage and experience Sri Lanka in a manner which is authentic and indigenous. Hence, it becomes important for us to unlock new avenues through experiential tourist encounters.

As an island, we have identified each region of Sri Lanka to be unique and diverse through its culture, landscape, architecture, food and people.We represent a brand, which is vibrant and has evolved through careful deliberation on how we could introduce authentic experiences and emotion. So it isn’t a surprise that authenticity is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Concept

We aspire to add an entirely new dimension to serve the discerning traveller. The infusion of Design, Novelty and Finesse elements helps foster our unique concept of ‘emotion’ and demands us to be different, unique, think innovatively and instill a phenomenon that continues to inspire us.

The element of “Design” encourages us to pursue experiences that are indigenous, authentic, and meaningful whilst “Novelty” enriches a raw concept through the incorporation of flavour and colour. “Finesse” is the ultimate consequence of our people and networks that contributes to the execution of a concepts to its maximum potential.

Our Strength

Authenticities is driven by our passion to travel and create meaningful and authentic experiences. Travel is a perpetually transforming concept today. It has evolved tremendously and continues to do so and demands for varied elements to complement and inspire different perspectives. Having identified this need, Authenticities strive to meet and deliver experiences that will allow you to seek your inspiration. We advocate knowledge-driven tacit interactions between our intellectual clients and local experts in various spheres of specialisation.

The relationships we have built and nurtured with our vendors transcends business transactions. It’s a personal and almost familial bond that has grown and finds itself deep rooted in traditional and cultural practices. Each vendor is unique, an expert in his industry and has a different story to tell. Without them, we will not be able to muster the Emotion we do so and create authentic cultural experiences. We believe that our work is "our life long passion" which requires an interminable effort in search of quality through day-to-day deliberations.

Our Team


Shanitha Fernando



Dilshad Sadiq

Vice President


Wilhelm Van Dort

Directeur Commercial


Amila Amunupura

Head of France and Benelux

Towering over you at 6 feet (no inches), Shanitha may seem intimidating at first glance. But you’ll realise it’s all a façade within the first five minutes of interaction with him; as he’s what you’d call a ‘gentle giant’.

Hailing from the cultural capital Kandy, Shanitha was educated at one the cities most prestigious schools St Anthony’s College, where he excelled at sports, notably, Rugby. This particular interest led him towards captaining one of the celebrated rugby clubs, CR and FC and even playing for the National team. Later he even played for Walkers Tours - a subsidiary of the John Keells Group.

Shanitha’s passion for travel, discovering pristine locations and current affairs is fulfilled by the tremendous wealth of opportunities his work has to offer. With over 30 years of experience in the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, Shanitha has travelled extensively to many European destinations and the United States, handling some of the most prestigious travel brands celebrated globally.

He believes that his experience in India has been the most rewarding thus far; where he was required to set up DMC operations on behalf of the company. The opportunity allowed him to manage a multicultural workforce, travel extensively around the country and handle complex operations successfully.

As the co-founder of Authenticities Shanitha is responsible for the European and US markets with a specialisation in the incentive and luxury segments. His genuine concern for partners and clients is reflected in the way he does business.

Look beyond the tough exterior, and you will find Shanitha extremely easy-going with a quirky sense of humour and an endless desire to help the underprivileged.

Dilshad is the co-founder of AUTHENTICITIES and is responsible for the performance of some of the European and Asian markets. He is also responsible for designing of EMOTIONS and unique experiences, branding of AUTHENTICITIES and also overlooks value-adding functional areas apart from his Sales and Operational involvements.

Dilshad has a Merit award in his MBA Degree in Business Administration at the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) in Sri Lanka and also has a Diploma in Marketing through the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). Dilshad brings in over 25 years of Corporate experience.

Dilshads experience in the Tourism industry in the past 12 years comes with exposure in multiple areas in Tourism including Sales and Marketing, Operations, Branding, Health and Safety, Quality and Customer Service.

Dilshad is a dedicated individual with a passion for travel and discovering cultures through meeting with typically local people. By nature Dilshad is a realist, adventurous, looking for new challenges as long as it is unique, new and adrenaline-driven. Unpretentious by nature Dilshad is demanding when it comes to quality and finesse in everything he does. His recent passion for photography compliments his current role and enjoys creating new experiences though his own experiences.

Dilshads interests include reading, photography, classic movies, Formula 1 and MotoGP racing.

Wilhelm is a former Cricketer who represented his Alma Mater Wesley College and later was picked to represent the Sri Lanka under 23 team against Pakistan. During his cricketing days, Wilhelm was known to be a fierce opening bowler and also represented the Burgher Recreation Club (BRC) in Colombo.

He gave up his Cricketing career and his career in Tourism began at Voyages Ceylon in 1974. His deep passion for travel and his love for the French language and culture convinced him to migrate to France in 1980 and pursuing a degree in the University of Rouen in France until 1984.

Returning back to Sri Lanka after perfecting his French language, Wilhelm was instrumental in establishing the French and Benelux markets at Walkers Tours working closely with some of the most reputed Tourism brands including Ormes, Fram Voyages, Asia Voyages, SDT Incentives and is known to be THE MAN for Incentives using innovative and practical approach to designing programs.

A voracious reader, Wilhelms other interests and hobbies include sports, music and discovering new places and culture.

Amila brings with him over 8 years experience operating within the French market. Amila speaks fluent French and followed the diploma programme at the Alliance Francaise in Kandy. His passion for the French lanugaue paved the way to the Tourism industry. Always committed to his work, Amila is loved by his partners for his unpretentious approach but consistent and committed delivery in everything he does.

Amila hails from Kandy and studied at the Kingswood College. It is a well-known secret that together with Wilhelm, Amila works in tandem to give the best clients expect.

Amila is a huge supporter of the Sri Lanka Cricket team and also loves Music and Movies.


Gayan Gunasekera

Manager (Italy/ Spain/ Portugal / Holland )


Nishanthan Krishnasamy

Asst. Manager, Operations (Italy/ Spain/ Portugal / Holland )


P. Prabhath

Manager, Logistics and Operations


Akitha Kulasena

Asst. Manager (Scandinavia and Voyageurs Du Monde)

Gayan plays a pivotal role in developong the Italian and Spanish markets and is one of our senior guys with over 10 years in the Tourism Industry.

Gayans personality can be misleading as he tends to be quiet but comes out with cracking stuff after a few shots of Arrack. He frequents the gym sessions and keeps himself fit which annoys his colleagues

Nishy can be a deceiving character well known for imitating colleagues and former colleagues. This is usually performed when the victim is not present. He serves our Italian and Spanish accounts.

First impressions can be deceiving but Nishy is a great guy to work with and is a loyal individual bringing over 10 years of experience in the Tourism industry. He loves his Cricket and seems to remember some of the most minute statistics.

His stint at Maldives has been an adventure, we hear..

Prabha is a part of our Management Team. With over 26 years in Tourism experiences, manages all our Operations and Logistical requirements and ensures that we attract and retain the best Chauffeur Guides and suppliers.

Prabha has a Diploma in Business Management from Tudor College, UK. He is also an All Island Justice of Peace.

We usually call Prabha for almost everything as he seems to know the answer to all our day-today issues.

Akitha brings a new dimension to our madness at Authenticities. His creative approach and designing has helped Authenticities to make a difference in the way we work.

He has been with Authenticities since August 2013 and is responsible for handling one of our most prestigious accounts from France, Voyageurs Du Monde and Scandinavia. Akitha has successfully completed his Degree in Business Management. He is also a talented musician.


Hashan Madhunka

Tour Consultant, Tailor-made France


Nimanthi Weerakoon

Asst. Manager (French Department)


Viraj Nallawangsa

Tour Consultant, Tailor-made North American Markets


Nuran Perera

Executive, Scandinavia

Hashan is a natural star. Another passionate individual with talent in drama and poetry Hashan has already made a positive impression. He speaks and writes fluent French thanks to his academic and professional experience which certainly adds value to our concept.

Hashan joined Authenticities in August 2015 and speaks and writes fluent French thanks to his academic and professional experience which certainly adds value to our concept.

An important aspect about hashan is his natural affiliation with "wild boars" where he has done extensive research.

Nimanthi has been in tourism since 2004 and is known for meticulously handling operational areas which are complex. Rich in her ops experience, she assists our French group department.

Nimanthi is also known for her sporting abilities during her school days (mainly netball, javelin and put shot), she now takes interest in cooking and cake decorations.

Viraj has been in tourism since 2011 and is attached to our growing US department. he is an ardent fan of Manchester United and claims to have played Cricket for his school (which needs to be verified).

Obviously loving food, Viraj believes in not cutting corners there. currently his buddy Nishanthan seems to take advantage of Viraj's situation.

Nuran is our newest addition to the team. He comes from experience in the apparel industry but has passion to meeting people and travel, an ingredient we look for in newcomers. He is a musician which means very soon we will be having our very own band.

We look forward to Nuran to add a new dimension in tourism in our next phase of development.


Farzana Bahaudeen

Head of Finance


Dharshani Goonewardene

Senior Executive Finance


Lasanthika Jayasundera

Executive Finance


Therese Fernando


Farzana is a part of our Management Team and Manages our Finance department. She comes with over 24 years of experience in the area of finance - something which is alien to all of us. for the moment her challenge is to understand our madness.

Dharshi supports our Finance Department and with over 30 years experience in Tourism. There are a few issues we have with Dharshi, her laugh and her failed diet plans.

Her presence can be threatening to some of our younger staff members - hiding their packs of ciggarets preventing them from smoking.

Popularly known as Lassie, she can be tenacious when it comes to paying our vendors. She is often bullied for her domestic adventures and is often intimidated by such remarks.

According to her, with age she has lost her interest for music but continues to love shopping for Leopard skinned clothing. We now discover she is into yoga and spiritualism.

Therese has over 15 years Corporate experience and manages our Administrative activities. She is our Dessert Queen feeding hungry mouths at Authenticities.

Her passion for cooking has led her to come out with her own cook book.


Shazna Dilshad Sadiq

Human Resources


Roshan Kodikara

Concierge Italy


Prabodha Madubhashini



Malshi Samararatne

Support Services

Shazi comes with over 9 years experience in HR and Administration. Shazi overlooks our Human Resource requirements and Administrative areas.

Shazi has one simple demand when at office a cup of Cappuccino to start the day. She also is a freak when it comes to sweets and chocolates.

Roshan is our Italian speaking concierge who takes care of our partners and clients. His love for the Latin languages persuaded him to travel to Italy where he completed his degree in Language, Literature and Culture at the Dante Aleghieri University in Florence.

Roshans nature and the manner in which he expresses in the Italian language can be interesting.

With over 7 years experience, Prabhodha manages our funds and coordinates with mainstream operations. Prabodha is a highly committed individual who gives absolutely no chance for anyone when it comes to adhering to procedures.

She is usually a quiet individual but there have been rumours that she is quite the party animal. She is also passionate about photography.

Malsha is new to tourism and joined Authenticities in July 2016. She hails from the southern city of Galle and studied at Sangamitta college.

She loves reading and cooking and and took represented her school in both basketball and athletics.


Parakrama Dias

Airport Manager


Premathilaka Herath

Regional Expert, North East Province


Roshan Gunasekera

Regional Expert, Central Province


Nuwantissa Banda

Regional Expert, North East Province

Para is no stranger in Sri Lankas International Airport in Katunayake. He brings along more than 34 years experience taking care of our clients on arrival and departure.

Para has an excellent PR with almost everyone and uses his charm to win hearts. Unfortunately we have to stop at that.

Herath is our North Central Province coordinator who services our clients and is based in Habarana. Heraths strength comes in through his strong PR networks in the area and works closely with operations team.

Herath also coordinates cost of our school projects in the NCP (North Central Province) which requires much attention in terms of support.

After much persuasion, we managed to convince Herath to travel around in his new motorbike.

Roshan is an energetic individual with a passion for travel and motorbikes. He is based in Kandy and takes care of all our operations in the Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and the rest of the Central Province.

Roshan takes pride in unearthing new experiences which we design and introduce in this region.

Nuwan is an energetic individual with a high interest for treks, marathons, cycling and mountain climbing. Nuwan hails from Habarana and his close relationships with networks in the region complements our service demands.

Nuwan also is responsible for accompanying specialised group movements and unearth unique experiences.


Nilmini Karunaratne

Concierge, Voyageurs Du Monde, France


Laroshi Wijayatilaka

Assistant Manager (United Kingdom)


Chrishan Fernando

Tour Consultant, Italy / Spain


Shannon De Silva

Tour Consultant, French Group Department

Nilmini comes with over 24 years of rich experience handling the French market and is yet another addition to our connoisseurs of "French artisans".

She takes on an important role as the “Concierge” for Voyageurs Du Monde using her expertise and language skills.

Nilmini has those moments where she pops out those words which generates laughter in the department. She loves gardening and dogs.

Laroshi joins us as the Asst. Manager to handle our expanding portfolio of the UK region. She comes with over 6 years of tourism experince.

Laroshi grew up in Italy and speaks fluent Italian whilst she manages French, Deutsch and Spanish languages..

She loves to cook Italian and Srilankan dishes and is into big time gaming.

Chrishan Fernando, joined our family in October 2016 and will join the team of mafia in the Italian Department.

Chrishan studied at St. Sebastian College and comes from Moratuwa. He played basketball and is took part in athletics. Chrishan loves watching movies and is quite heavy into technology.

Shannon comes with tourism experience and joined our French Group department in June, 2017. Shannon is that quiet guy and you hardly notice his presence during office or at a get together.

The only way you notice Shannon is the sound of his motorbike engine. His passion is Rugby, a sport he came to love through his father who was a legendary sportsman.


Pramodya Madubashini

Executive, Tailor-Made, France


Balasubramaniam Kabilan

Regional Expert, Jaffna and Northern Province


Donovan Abeyewardene

Tour Consultant

Pramodya joined us in October 2016 and will be joining the gang of French Revolutionaries. she studied French along with English and Psychology in a University in Pune.

She loves to watch movies, reading and traveling and eager to discover Sri Lanka and find meanings to our concept of "emotion"

Kabilan joined Authenticities in February, 2017 and overlooks our operations in Jaffna and Northern Sri Lanka. Kabilan, hashis interest and passion for the North-East Culture, History and Archeology. His contacts and networks itself have helped us to develop this region over the past few years .

Jaffna offers much more than the city walks and the usual sites. The interiors are much richer in terms of typical Jaffna lifestyle, farming, cuisine and hidden secrets, hence Kabilan's appointment complements Authenticties.

Donovan joined us in November 2017 and plays an important role in handling our UK/ US markets and special projects. A young man with a big heart, Donovan thrives himself on street food which he fondly calls GUSPY FOOD.

He is a big fan of Marvel comics and productions and loves to travel and explore which makes him an obvious choice to be a part of our team.