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Reach us if you require any one of our travel consultants to attend to your questions, requests or information concerning Sri Lanka.

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destination sri lanka

Sri Lanka offers up a cacophony of contrasts, the usual wealthy versus poor, urban versus grass root living where you come across the mud and wattle huts and open air. The visit to the rural North Central Province where the ancient kingdoms of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya presents you the mystical archeological and heritage sites making one wander the intellectual capacity of the Srilankans in that era. The many places of religious worship confirm that this is a Buddhist Nation. The Golden Rock Buddha temple in Dambulla with its rooms of 153 statues provides enough to bless a soul for lifetime.

Our typical way of greeting with your hands pressed together and a slight nod, with the words Ayubowan meaning may you live a long life is a genuine gesture.

Sri Lankan food is grand and simple but delicious. Vegetarian curry, egg hoppers (fried egg ladled into a crisp bowl of a pancake) the herbal porridge, served with a nugget of very sweet jaggery made from palm syrup and the water buffalo curd, chunky and thick in rural areas, covered with palm syrup is divine. Sri Lanka is complete in everyway, from history, culture, wildlife, nature reserves and pristine beaches where whale watching can be experienced all year round.

Sri Lankas infrastructure is developing rapidly, many investors aiding the countrys growth. The country now has its second international airport in operation, the highways connecting the airport and Colombo and the other from Colombo to the most southern point of the Island, and a new harbor in the south. Hospitality brands such as Hyatt Regency, Shangri La, Move n Pick, the Thai brand Centara adds to the flavor of the new tourism wave of Sri Lanka.