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Reach us if you require any one of our travel consultants to attend to your questions, requests or information concerning Sri Lanka.

Phone : +94 112 599 005, +94 112 599 006, +94 112 599 007, +94 112 599 077
Phone (Emergency 24 X 7) : +94 766 400 555
Fax : +94 112 599 220
E-mail :
Post : 37/33, Bullers Lane, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka map

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The concept of “emotion” is a strong word for us - almost “sacred” and has a celestial value to it. It forms the core of Authenticities’ ideology. During the initial phase of Authenticities, the concept of “emotion” underwent a transformation, mainly through learning’s on a daily basis, which instilled the clarity we have to date. This invariably redefined our approach in travel and tourism and the way we “do” things around at Authenticities. “Emotion” does have a direct correlation and impact to tourism and certainly in the manner we “see” Sri Lanka. It truly has the ability to connect an individual’s soul with its multitude of elements.

This also means that our focus has to be predominantly in designing of unique concepts, which are truly authentic to Sri Lanka. Creating meaningful elements is vital through discovery, unearthing hidden facts and related stories, introducing and perfect execution.

At Authenticities, we don’t sell products - we create an experience in travel through elements of emotion. We understand that our segments of clients are intellectual, more mature in travel, those with high expectations revolved around the ability understanding and experience authentic culture. Their primary reason to chose the Asian continent and Sri Lanka as a destination is to experience such forms of concepts in its original form and nature.

Here are a few examples of how we introduce elements of emotion to our partners and clients.

Unique & Authentic
Each element of “emotion” needs to be unique yet authentic, motivating us to keep on discovering and introducing new experiences. The element of design is therefore key for us and to see through execution of such experiences

Discovery & Introspection
Sometimes, self-discovery through your own intellect can make a lasting impression. It is what makes mature travelers form their own version of meanings through discovery of unique culture and lifestyles

Engaging & Interactive
Our concepts is about the ability for our clients to engage and interact with people and communities - understanding the underlying feelings and way of life

Surprising & Rewarding
The element of Surprise is key in the way we design your holidays on how we understand the ”inner you”! Careful profiling of your background and expectations help us design programs suited to you and rewarding in terms of the richness of the programs to your preferences