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Reach us if you require any one of our travel consultants to attend to your questions, requests or information concerning Sri Lanka.

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SRI LANKA a land of forgotten mysteries, a culture so diverse yet compact is sure to entice your thirst for adventure. Sri Lanka gives you the added spice as how a local curry would entice you, a new beat a sensation that will tempt you to keep discovering more of what we believe is endless. This is a land where the drum beats echo through the mountains, a procession that testifies deep devotion, and rituals performed in undiscovered communities. Sri Lanka though invaded for as long as history recalls, and influenced by Colonialisation for over 450 years still keeps its values intact.

We are an island nation, passionate, proud of our heritage and distinct culture with a lifestyle that is full of colour. Rich interiors will amaze you with communities devoted to their respective religions and planning of structures by the Kings, which signifies a society that was at the highest level of civilisation at its time. We believe Ceylon Tea was our first branding, however it was the rich spices that paved the way for Arab traders to give the name of Serendib in the 8th century. No wonder the British coined the word serendipity a land filled with unexpected pleasures. All these elements come together making Sri Lanka shine like a sapphire in the Indian Ocean.

We take you through the island's unspoiled interior to discover some of the countrys most fascinating spaces. You begin to feel the warmth and the friendly smiles of the people irrespective of where you are which makes you feel you are simply one of us.

our promise

We understand the significance of design and how well it has complemented our progress. Thus, continuous development of emotion and experiences becomes our priority.

Our quest is to understand your expectations and demands persevering ideas that bring value in what we propose and executing these ideas, which bring a concept into life.


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customer comments

  • "Extraordinary"

    An extraordinary mixture of antiquity and modernity as well as physical beauty that is truly serendipity.

    Hugh David Scott Greenway, United States of America
  • "Long remember this beautiful experience"

    We finally find a little time to thank you for the wonderful experience that was our trip to Sri Lanka. To celebrate our 30 years of marriage, we were looking for, and found, a trip that you did remember with much happiness and nostalgia. We found a beautiful climate, visited unforgettable places and met people simple and happy the little he has. Again, thank the guide who accompanied us, because he managed to make us live and get to know every little detail of your beautiful island, always leaving us the time and space we needed. Long remember this beautiful experience.

    Danilo Zotta e Ornella Paterno, Italy
  • "Thanks for giving us the opportunity to live a wonderful experience"

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to live a wonderful experience in your beautiful Sri Lanka, a country so far away geographically and culturally different from ours. Thanks to the organization more than perfect and extremely comfortable which made our stay pleasant. A special thanks to our guide, with his professionalism and knowledge, instructed us about the history, religion, customs and traditions of your island; with his care, education and respect instilled in us and security, especially with the friendliness and hospitality, made us feel completely at ease, giving us the unforgettable experience helped make this trip forever remain in our hearts. Thanks.

    Silvana Curcelli and Renato Betta, Italy
  • "Authenticities Sri Lanka"

    Beautiful country, friendly people, great organization, in other words Authenticities Sri Lanka.

    Zaro Alessandro, Italy
  • "Looked after us exceptionally well."

    Our guide was excellent, Knowledgable and considerate. He looked after us exceptionally well.

    Sue Williamson, Australia
  • "Amazing country"

    Amazing country, amazing people. Good value for money.

    Helen Grycova, Czech Republic
  • "Wonderful tour in Sri Lanka - Chauffeur drove us safely, entertained us with great stories and his pleasant company has been highly appreciated."

    Thank you so much for a wonderful tour in Sri Lanka, your Chauffeur safely drove us with elegance and caution form Trinco to Sigiriya and all the wonderful places around the country and ending up in Colombo. His knowledge was impressive and he really inspired and entertained us with great stories! His pleasant company has been highly appreciated and has made this journey of a lifetime without a doubt and is one of our most highly valued vacations ever. We are very grateful for this.

    Kristin and Jorund ( Charlie ), Sri Lanka
  • "Unforgettable experience that the children and myself will cherish forever..."

    On behalf of my entire family we would like to thank you and your company Authenticities for making our Sri Lankan Journey such a memorable one. From what started out as a quick wedding trip abroad ended in a truly unforgettable experience that the children and myself will cherish forever.There was a lot of planning for a lot of people and in the event any of our friends or family show an interest in travelling to Sri Lanka, I will definitely make sure they are in contact with you.

    Stephen Harle and Group, Australia
  • "Combined culture and beach which was a perfect combination..."

    We had a great experience in Sri Lanka. We combined culture and beach which was a perfect combination. Our chauffeur was very pleasant and knowledgeable and we were accommodated at the beach hotels.

    Party Johansson, Norway
  • "Attention to detail..."

    Our first adventure in Sri Lanka was made all the better by Authenticities with attention to detail and choice of guide and driver.

    Tammi and Allen, United States of America
  • "Great service and we got to have the best time ever..."

    Thank you to Authenticities for such a great tour of Sri Lanka. We got to see so much and take part in so many activities. You offered us a great service and we got to have the best time ever.We will definitively book our next holiday to Sri Lanka with you.

    Melissa Benedict, France
  • "Our arrangements very well..."

    A memorable trip around a beautiful country. Authenticities handled our arrangements very well.

    Linn and Jerry, United Kingdom