Art & Architecture

The island is a haven for art, aesthetics and a gamut of architectural wonders. From ancient kings with elegant taste whose works have left lasting impressions, to modern-day artists whose creations dazzle and inspire, Sri Lanka is a destination unveiling the curtain to a variety of artistic styles stemming from as far as two-and-a-half millennia. The island is steeped in antiquity just as well as her heritage is rife with arts and architecture.

Preserving beliefs and religion through works of construction, paintings and carvings, the traditional style of art and architecture was introduced to Sri Lanka in the 3rd century. Fast-forward to the 1500s’, Ceylon was manifested as reminiscent of the era of Portuguese, Dutch and British rule with imposing architecture influenced by colonization. Today, many a visitor remains to flow into the heart of such historic cities as Colombo, Kandy and Galle and perhaps even to more remote parts of the island – Jaffna, to witness the vintage impressiveness that was once instilled on the island many a century ago. Above all, Sri Lanka is a testament to witnessing artistic impressions and creativity that have influenced the fabric of society from the times of antiquity, until the present day.

As time went by, the island was to become the influence of tropical modernism prevalent worldwide. Inherited in Sri Lanka through Celebrated personalities, such as the great Geoffrey Bawa – the ’43 group of artists, there are works of many prominent personalities that have paved the way for an architectural revolution to be explored in Sri Lanka. Artists such as Ena de Silva, who revived the country’s batik industry, Barbara Sansoni with her fabulous designs on cloth and paintings, Laki Senanayake master craftsman and one who dons many hats, have all introduced unbridled vibrancy and colours in their many creations across mediums.

Architecture is a prominent element on the island as the creations have to deal with the changing of monsoons humidity, and natural cooling systems bringing in the flow of air and light.