Covid-19 Travel Alert

We are constantly reviewing the effects of the pandemic which has affected travel since February of 2020. Not only we do align our knowledge with our health ministry and government directives, we closely monitor the regional and global development to ensure that we are updated in our knowledge and embrace the most appropriate health & safety practices.


Early lockdown, fast tracking of Covid-19 suspects and financial intervention in key areas, are the most significant highlights of Sri Lankas Covid19 success story.

Early lockdown, a high testing rate and effective social distancing measures have proved to be key for Sri Lanka in their fight against the pandemic and keeping the infection rate low.

Robust healthcare

Apart from all these measures, the government laid a strong emphasis on the surveillance system to keep COVID-19 mortality at bay. In light of a remarkable response to the pandemic, health experts from around the world have lauded Sri Lanka’s healthcare system, which has already been made a case study for other countries since the 1980s.

For instance, the Rockefeller Foundation’s report published in 1985, described Sri Lanka as a country that has created an affordable healthcare system. In most districts of the country, primary healthcare facilities are within 3 kilometres for each neighbourhood.

The ease of accessing health facilities, coupled with low cost services, has helped the country improve its public health

Sri Lanka’s robust healthcare infrastructure was one of the main reasons the government was able to act swiftly to respond to the first calls of Covid-19 infections.

The government mobilised healthcare workers to closely monitor the pandemic’s movement right after the first case was reported in the country, and they ensured that most Covid-19 suspects are traced in potential hotspots.

The wellbeing of our guests are our priority. We are happy to share our safety protocol with you so that you are comfortable with what we have done so far.

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