Privacy Policy

We refer to the European Union regulations on data protection (GDPR/ General Data Protection Regulation), which has come into effect from the 25 th of May 2018. We understand the importance of securing data and privacy of clients traveling through AUTHENTICITIES.As such, we are pleased to respect the regulations and agree to comply.

Crisis Management and Incident Reporting Policy

Authenticities (Pvt) Ltd will immediately notify the relevant partner/ customer concerned of any crisis and emergency situation via the emergency lines/emails provided by our partners and customers.

In the event of serious accident, illness or death of any person, Authenticities or its representative will;

  • Verify this with our guides and hotels we work with
  • Make all necessary arrangements and provide all necessary assistance and support
  • Liaise with all relevant third parties, emergency services and insurance companies
  • Contact our partner/ customer immediately and provide all relevant details
  • Seek clarification of the clients insurance policy/ and act as per instructions

Apart from the above, Authenticities will produce an incident report to the Company within 24 hours of the incident. We shall provide the Company regular updates with a maximum of 4-hour intervals between updates in the event of an ongoing crises situation and/or aftermath.