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Installing a Water purification plant at Kaithady Navatkuli G.T.M. School, Kaithady

Date: 2019, August Location: Jaffna

Lama Mithuru No Kai together with Authenticities donated a mini water purification plant to Kaithady Navatkuli Government Tamil Mixed School with the aim of providing the school with cleaner drinking water.

The school is situated in a village known as Kaithady in the Jaffna district.

Lama Mithuru No Kai (NPO) 🇯🇵

Renovation of Rural School

Date: 2019, March Location: Panadura

Pinwatte Primary School with history of 112 years, currently there are 204 students, 7 teachers including a principal with classes from grade 1-5.The last time it was renovated was in 2004, just after the Tsunami. The employees at The Colt Technologies which is a multinational company, organized a renovation campaign at Pinwatte Primary school during their Annual Awards Ceremony in Colombo.

There were around 80 COLT employees participated this event.

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