“The Lankan Trail Troop” – Exploring hidden trails of the mid-Eastern region

We, human beings live in a society which keeps getting inevitably evolved. Therefore, it is important to aid that evolution in a positive way by learning more about different cultures and backgrounds in this world, while spreading love and awareness.

In this society more often than not, we tend to get caught up in our day-to-day lives, getting judgement from or giving out judgement to others that look more different from us or to others who do things more differently than us. In other words, we create our own little bubble of life’s perspective. A famous quote by Saint Augustine says “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Therefore, it is important that we heal ourselves out of these shields which bind us, humans, from reality and connect together as one as all other forces of nature. From my standpoint, travelling aids that immensely.

When we travel, both domestically and overseas, we get to see variety in life. Learning about the racial and ethnic diversity of the world is something that will help us re-evaluate ourselves in some opinions that we hold. Moreover, seeing the diversity in nature itself in different geographical locations is truly amazing. Experiencing differences in climatic conditions and observing the uniqueness of flora and fauna in certain regions will enliven the mind. Being a foodie myself, trying different restaurants and cafes in certain regions or countries and getting to introduce diversely unique flavours of foods and beverages to the palette is one of the major reasons why I love travelling.

Furthermore, different types of music, clothing and catchphrases are some of the things we get to experience while travelling. We of course carry some of these when we go back home. It’s true that all these can be seen and heard at the push of a button or the sliding of a screen due to the technological advancements that have been happening. However, in my humble opinion, the true physical experience of travel in terms of authenticity massively overrules it.

As a junior travel consultant, in other words, a person who is relatively new to the field of tourism, I feel like I finally found a career in which I can grow and at the same time enjoy the tasks involved. While learning activities such as designing a travel itinerary, allocating guides with transportation, allocating accommodation and setting up exclusive experiences and excursions for tourists who visit Sri Lanka, my mind is at bliss knowing that I’m helping people make remarkable memories in my motherland, Sri Lanka. Further to that, working in a trade where the splendid beauty of Sri Lanka is being appreciated more and more is another major factor why I love what I do.