Why We are Different

If you look beyond the brochures and the profusion of information thrown up by the internet, you will be delightfully surprised to know that there is a Sri Lanka that is more than its beaches and its UNESCO sites! Our approach is to seek the lesser known, explore the abundant interiors, engage with locals, meet with artists and architects in their backyard amongst their creations, get up close and personal about their work and its various trajectories.

For us, experiential travel isn't just a buzzword. Every individual experience that a traveller seeks with us, whatever be his background or passion, has the experiential element built into it.

At Authenticities, we strive to communicate through our itineraries; they are authentic, experiential, culturally relevant and emotionally engaging.

Our Culture

Ours is an open-minded culture where curiosity is a virtue, and learning from one another greatly encouraged. Our people are passionate about seeking and sharing knowledge and they believe in going that extra mile in their quest for exploration. We are strong-minded, yet receptive. Every new idea is deliberated, curated and tested for consistency, before it is presented to our clientele. The design component in our physical working space is an apt metaphor of our culture.

Our passion

A photo doesn't possess the magic of fully capturing what it feels like to stand on top of Pidurangala rock during a beautiful sunset or go Indiana Jonesing through the depths of lush, ancient forests. Neither can we fully express how you might feel the extent of unbridled wanderlust on your next adventure to Sri Lanka. Yet, we try to paint a picture for you. Through our unyielding curiosity that follows our instincts, we delight in the unusual and the authentic, the sincerity and the emotional. Our passion stems from exploring uncharted terrain or testing new waters and emerging with new ideation. We are consciously aware of the fragility of distant cultures and how each islander lives life as vivid and complex as your own - populated with their own beliefs, livelihoods, routines and ambitions. In it, we walk a mile and a half to uncover that epic story that continues invisibly around you like roots running deep underground, sustaining cultural values and traditions of an island nation, perhaps, only a morsel of what you might see on the surface.

Tailor-Made Travel

When it comes to personalised travel, we believe in pushing the envelope. We go to great lengths to get to know our travellers, their preferences, their tastes and their interests, before we design their travel. It is work-in-progress which begins with research, planning and goes on to the execution of every tiny detail.

Regional Presence

We pride ourselves on being the only travel company in Sri Lanka that has a dedicated and passionate team of our own regional experts, who not only represent our brand but are stationed at key geo-locations to facilitate travel. Our regional experts, although they shy away from being called experts, experts they are on expanding the individual features of Sri Lanka. What's more, they come from all walks of life and have travelled the length and breadth of this island, experienced, seen, heard and above all, understood the land, its people and lifestyles. They strive to be informative and fastidious and go beyond their assigned roles of executing our ideas and perfecting our deliveries. A crucial aspect of their job involves nurturing ties with local communities and helping to sustain livelihood.