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"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes


Why do we travel? Because there is a road ahead of us, there are paths less travelled, mountains to be climbed and the stories of people to be heard. Travel brings out the best in us. A daunting experience makes us tougher and inspires us to emerge stronger and go further. The people we meet along the way and their stories teach and inspire us, whether it is a fisherman showing us his trade secrets, a scientist working diligently in the arena of man-animal conflict or an old woman in a village singing songs from her childhood… Every travel experience is one that evokes emotions, and touches a chord somewhere deep within us.

Travel Blog

A great way to get inspired is to read our travel blogs section: stories of travel that will give you an insight into the unique places we love to help discover and explore.


Our in-house travel experts and talent pool puts together publications and the quarterly newsletter that help you to keep updated on travel news, latest developments and all that is trending.

Travel Vlog

At Authenticities, we have undertaken journeys under the theme 'Roads Less Travelled'. Members of our staff have embarked on unusual journeys and backpacking trips. Join them on our exciting new section of vlogs, as they explore new regions, venture out into offbeat terrain and discover hidden treasures. Our travel videos will take you deep into the different corners of the country, getting you to experience it like never before.